Sydney Wedding Photography and Cinematography


We are storytellers

Dreams in Motion is Sydney's premier Wedding Photography and Videography provider.

We feel that every couple has a story to tell. A story that began well before the night of the wedding and will continue well after.

It is our job to employ two decades of film industry experience to bring your story to life and capture it with both stills and motion.

Sydney wedding photography is provided by Peter Georges and cinematography by Phil Wittmer.


Focused on the experience

Choosing your photographer and videographer is easily one of the biggest decisions you will make when planning your wedding.

You need a team who go above and beyond to make the entire process enjoyable. From the initial meeting, to the wedding day itself and how your photographs and video are delivered. Every step must be handled in a way that is deserving of your relationship.

If you don't like the experience, will you like the product?


Professional results

With extensive experience in post production on films such as Happy Feet and The Great Gatsby, our edits stand above the rest.

A perfect mix of technical precision and artistic splendour deliver a filmic quality rarely seen in the wedding video industry.

Although we can deliver extended cuts of your wedding, our main priority is to deliver a beautiful signature film that is exciting for all your friends and family to watch.

Tasteful music and editing choices ensure our films remain timeless. The quality and style of our wedding films will hold up decades after they are created.


Where to now? 

Interested in having your wedding day covered by Dreams in Motion? Contact us to secure your date!