We are storytellers

Dreams in Motion is a premiere provider of Cinematic Sydney Wedding Videos, or wedding films as we prefer them known.

We feel that every couple has a story to tell. A story that began well before the night of the wedding and will continue well after.

It is our job to employ two decades of film industry experience to bring your story to life and capture it on film.

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Focused on quality

We never allow our quality to slip so all of our packages include an experienced cameraman, utilising high end cinema grade equipment and the kind of professional editing and colour grading that only years of film experience can deliver.

As film makers we carefully craft each signature film we make. Everything is extensively planned, every detailed obsessed about.

We limit the number of weddings we take on each year, to spend the time hand crafting each film we do.

Want something extra special?

Dreams in Motion can provide you with one or more days of planned pre-wedding coverage. 

We are not just wedding videographers. With a rich history of creating both short and feature length films, we are uniquely capable of delivering on any kind of pre-wedding coverage our clients ask for.

The pre-wedding services we provide range from interviews to be cut with wedding footage, music video style productions to fully scripted short films.

Check out our blog post on one of our latest pre-wedding videos. 

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Professional Edit

With extensive experience in post production on films such as Happy Feet and The Great Gatsby, our edits stand above the rest.

A perfect mix of technical precision and artistic splendour deliver a filmic quality rarely seen in the wedding video industry.

Although we can deliver extended cuts of your wedding, our main priority is to deliver a beautiful signature film that is exciting for all your friends and family to watch.

Tasteful music and editing choices ensure our films remain timeless. The quality and style of our wedding films will hold up decades after they are created.

Colour With Pop

Once again the film industry background puts Dreams in Motion a cut above. We love film. We spend the time others don’t to colour grade every film we make.

A colour grade alone can completely change the style and feel of the final product and it is something most others simply skip over. We can deliver anything from a modern look with luscious colours that pop out of your screen to a classic cinematic look with more subdued tones.

Our mission is to help our clients bid farewell to the bad old days of video production.

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Where to now? 

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